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right now > quote is a neutral platform acting as a comparator. Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of thousands of Quebecers and Canadians find their insurance coverage at the best price.

We offer you the possibility to make a request for submission online, or by phone, for your life insurance products. We check for you the best life insurance rates in force on the market, in order to offer you life insurance at the best price from most financial institutions in Quebec, namely Desjardins, banks and life insurance companies, IT'S GUARANTEED!

Quebec's largest life insurance broker

Over the years, has become the largest life insurance broker in Quebec thanks to:

  • Our guarantee to offer you the best price;
  • Our form quick and easy quote request.

Whether for insurance mortgage, an insurance serious illness, life insurance permed, life insurance temporary, life insurance without medical examination, life insurance for heritage, rest assured that you will receive the best price for your life insurance.

A comparator to save on your life insurance does not encourage any particular financial institution, in this way we avoid any conflict of interest. That is why represents most of the financial institutions serving Quebec, namely Desjardins, banks and life insurance companies. Our job is to offer you the best rate for the life insurance product best suited to your personal situation, according to your request and your needs.

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Specialized life insurance

Buying a home or renewing your mortgage?

When you sign your mortgage contract, you will be offered mortgage loan insurance. Before accepting, absolutely read Stéphanie Corbeil's article from “Mortgage loan insurance: what you need to know before signing”.

Did you know that over 85% of people pay too much for their mortgage insurance!

Have you been refused? We want to impose a premium on you?

Request a quote. We are able to help you. You can communicate with our customer service and chat in complete confidentiality.

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If all financial institutions offered the same price, no one would shop around for insurance. Which is far from the case!

Indeed, by comparing the premiums, you will find that the differences sometimes vary between $ 15 and $ 100 per month. If you multiply the amount saved by the number of years in your contract, imagine the thousands of dollars in savings!

We strongly recommend that you request a quote. It's free and without obligation on your part. You will thus be guaranteed to obtain the best price offered among those of Desjardins, banks and life insurance companies. didn't allow you to save on your insurance this year? It's rare, but it is possible. However, you saved time by not contacting insurers one after the other and repeating the same information.

In addition, you have seen, completely free of charge, that you are paying the right premium for your current insurance. Do not hesitate to re-submit a quote request during your next renewal. Insurance rates may vary from year to year.

The team thanks you

The team looks forward to hearing and reading the comments of its clients every day. Our clients often tell us that they find it enjoyable now to purchase life insurance or mortgage insurance with our online quote request form on our site.

People particularly appreciate being able to apply without pressure and at all financial institutions.

At, we love to hear from you. And we work with a smile on our face, because we know that we are helping you.

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