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People covered

Various membership plans are available that cover either a single person, a couple, or all family members.

It should be noted that depending on the age reached by the insured, the operation of the guarantees is modulated and the guarantees reduced or even removed or the excess deductible.

Risks and risks

If, to benefit from the Life Accident Guarantee label, a contract must meet a certain number of criteria. The risks covered depend not only on each insurer but may vary from one formula to another with the same insurer:

Exclusion of risks

The contracts benefiting from the GAV label are not required to guarantee the consequences of traffic accidents and work accidents, since the compensation of the victims of these accidents falls under specific legislation.

However, some insurers cover the consequences of these types of accident, either automatically or as an option.

Territorial scope of the accidental accident guarantee

While the guarantees granted by the contract apply in metropolitan France and the overseas departments, generally they do not apply permanently throughout the world.

Therefore, if you are staying abroad, you should check with your insurer and refer to the general conditions of the contract.

Individual accident cover

Alongside GAV contracts, there is another category of contracts: Individual accident cover. Zoom on the similarities and the differences with the GAV.


Tariffs and rates But also depending on the formula subscribed (individual, couple or family membership), the age of the insured, the intervention thresholds of the insurer.