Why choose insurance for professionals?– Get a quote for free

In all areas of life, we need to be protected against possible risks that can arise at any time. It is the same in the professional environment. It is for this reason that insurance companies have provided a specific type of contract that is aimed at professionals. It is a contract that protects you against possible problems and all kinds of unforeseen events that could jeopardize the smooth running of your business.


Theinsurance for professionals is above all a classic insurance, the role of which is to cover the risks related to your activity. In some cases, this insurance is compulsory, and the law dictates the type of contract to be taken out. It all depends, however, on the type of activity you carry out and the risk to which it exposes you, your employees and your customers.

There are actually several types of professional insurances to which you will have to subscribe. The first is professional property and casualty insurance. This is the main insurance that all entrepreneurs think of when starting their business. However, this insurance alone cannot cover you against all the risks facing your business.

That is why you are advised to also take out professional liability insurance. Also known as RC pro insurance, it provides additional guarantees that can make all the difference in the event of a claim.

Thus, liability insurance pro has been designed to cover compensation for damages that the company may cause to third parties. In other words, it is this insurance that protects users against possible risks to your business.

It is particularly important, especially for professionals, self-employed or freelance workers, SMEs and also start-ups. This is a protection for entrepreneurs who do not have the same resources as large multinationals, to face possible legal actions whose plaintiffs are civilians.

This autoentrepreneur insurance has several interesting advantages that you simply should not deprive yourself of if you want to guarantee the sustainability of your activity. It allows you to:

  • Cover the costs of defending the company in a lawsuit brought by an angry customer
  • Protect a business whose activity is to give advice or provide services to third parties
  • Help the company to be more competitive in the market, because thanks to the presence of this insurance, customers are more reassured
  • Help the company to more easily manage unforeseen professional risks
  • Take charge of correcting business errors, and cover customer compensation costs.
What does insurance for professionals offer?

For choose professional insurance best suited to the needs of your business, you must take into account several criteria. The most important is all the guarantees offered in the insurance contract.

It is for this reason that even if it seems painful, you must take the time to carefully read all the proposals, guarantees and general conditions mentioned in the insurance contract. You will also need to take into account parameters such as:

  • The insurance company
  • The possibility of accessing your insurance online
  • The geographical scope of the guarantees offered
  • The scope of the activities covered
  • Franchises
  • The maximum guarantee.

Professional insurance for the self-employed

For the self-employed, professional insurance are very important because they offer comprehensive coverage that supports:

  • Bodily injury and material damage that may occur in the course of their activity
  • Non-material damage that may occur as a result of negligence, an error of assessment, late delivery, etc.

Thus, among the insurance that will be offered to you as a self-employed person, we find:

  • Death insurance
  • Insurance for incapacity for work
  • Home business insurance, etc.

Professional insurance for SMEs

When you are the manager of an SME, you also have the chance to benefit from different covers for your professional insurance. You will have the choice between:

  • Itinerary for you!
  • Business liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Company vehicle insurance, etc.

Just as online banking for professionals is more advantageous, 100% online insurance is also highly recommended for your business. It has many benefits, among which we can mention:

  • A significant time saving
  • Excellent value for money
  • Personalization of the service and benefits of your insurer
  • Freedom, since online insurance is non-binding
  • Support available at all times.

So, when deciding how to insure your business, keep in mind that you will gain much more by choosing a company that operates online. You can help you with comparison sites, because they allow you to easily find the companies which offer the most advantageous offers.

Once you have found the company you are interested in, you can begin the process of obtaining coverage for your business. Do not hesitate to request a personalized audit of your situation so that the offers offered are fully in line with your needs.

Theinsurance for professionals is additional coverage that protects businesses and their operations against possible risks that cannot be foreseen. This insurance is particularly aimed at SMEs, the self-employed or professionals, because they are the most vulnerable.