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Re: Choose life insurance


Note that there are 2 types of contracts:
1 / Mono support: presence of a euro fund mainly invested in government bonds, with a guarantee of a minimum interest rate per year. There is no capital risk, which would correspond to your expectations.

2 / Multi-support: Euro fund + investments in Unit of accounts (FCP-Sicav …).

I will advise you a priori the mono support, sometimes a little less remunerated than the euro fund on the multi supports, but without capital risk.

As for the entry fees, it will depend on the amount initially invested, you can negotiate them, but not for less
from a minimum of 15,000. For an amount over 70,000 you can reduce them up to 1%.
Do not hesitate to negotiate as this will directly affect the profitability of your investment.

Each contract provides for a minimum starting amount, with high-end contracts often being conditioned by a large base amount. Be aware that high-end contracts are not always the best.

As for the insurance company, the choice is yours, but rather take a company known especially at this time.

For the beneficiary part, I invite you to look at this page: