The insurance manual, guide you in your insurance– Get a quote in 3 minutes

The insurance manual is a website that offers you the best quotes in terms of insurance, protection for everyday life with home insurance, health insurance but also for its various projects with auto insurance, borrower or funeral. The idea of ​​this site is to provide you with advice and practical information on the various financial products but also to offer you the possibility of obtaining quotes for free and without having to make a commitment. The advantage of the comparator is to be able to canvass several establishments and several companies in order to negotiate the best rates.

The principle of the comparator is based on a relatively simple operation, that of standardizing the filing of the pricing request to allow the consumer to have only one form to fill out, the insurance comparator then takes care of soliciting the various organizations. being able to offer protection for the expressed need, it is up to them to present an offer in correlation with consumer demand. It remains for the applicant to compare the different offers and to make his choice.