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Remail wrote:

> My parents want to take out life insurance. What are the
> criteria that I must retain and which will guide me towards a contract or
> other?

> Thank you in advance,

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> Remail

> Private reply here:

These are the questions to ask:


Contract in Euros (Bonds) or multi-support contract (actions etc.)?
Restricted fund (yes / no)?
Solvency margin excluding unrealized capital gains (must be 1.2 to 6 times
minimum margin)?
Share of shares in assets (depending on the risk choice from 0 to 25%)
Operating costs :
Entrance fees (observed averages: 0 to 4%)?
Rights on subsequent payments (observed averages: 0 to 4%)?
Annual management fees (range from 0 to 0.7%)?
Penalties in the event of early departure:
Costs of any additional guarantees:?
Table of surrender values ​​during the first 8 years:?
Guaranteed rates:?

For the first year:
For the entire duration of the contract (obligatorily <75% of the average rate of
government bonds):?

Taxes to be expected
Each year, 10% of the return (!)
before 4 years, add: 35% (so 45% in total)
between 4 and 8 years add 15%
after 8 years add: 7.5%

Excess of 152,500 Euros (instead of 76,000 Euros for the husband and 46,000
for children), then 20% tax: “advantageous” from 520,000
Euros (30% otherwise, then 35% from 850,000 then 40% from
1,700,000 Euros)

An important clarification: NONE of the establishments that I interviewed, including
understood by going to see them at their offices, did not answer me seriously,
most did not respond at all and sent or gave me

They obviously don't like overly curious customers.

John smith

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