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National Family Assurance is a corporate agency that essentially operates as an intermediary by matching customers seeking insurance with the policy that is best for their needs and budget.
Created in 2016, NFA is a national online marketplace that recommends from two to three suppliers, based on the answers provided to a series of simple questions.
It also provides mating services to customers who need health insurance, cars or homeowners. In this review, we will focus on National Family Assurance life insurance offers.

National life insurance family insurance
Headquartered in Bellevue in Washington State, National Family Assurance is an online marketplace that connects customers with the best life insurance providers. NFA primarily appeals to online shoppers, but if they prefer, customers can call the agency directly to speak to a representative.
Its member affiliates include, but are not limited to:

National family insurance
National Family Assurance offers consumers the opportunity to get more quotes from top rated insurers.

Financial strength
All NFA affiliated insurers are highly valued by independent evaluation agencies. For example, Allstate has an A + rating from Standard & Poor’s, A1 from Moody’s and A + from AM Best.
Keep in mind that these agencies have their own rating systems, so an A + doesn't necessarily mean the same thing, even if both are indicative of good financial health. In this case, A + is second by the best possible score for AM Best, but fifth by the maximum for S&P. The Insurance Information Institute provides further clarification.
Financial health assessment is particularly important as an insurance client. You want to be sure that if you have to complain, your supplier will be able to cover your expenses when the time comes. It is safe to say that all member companies of the National Family Assurance are thriving in this regard.
Company ratings and customer service
NFA as an organization is ranked high by BBB, with an A + rating in May 2019. Since this agency is affiliated with several insurers, your best move is to look at Better Business Bureau to assess customer satisfaction more specifically.
Twenty-four complaints have been filed and addressed since 2016 and 18 in the past year. It is worth noting that the problems presented were largely related to advertising and sales criticisms, rather than making claims for compensation or specific life insurance products.
National life insurance quotes from national family insurance
According to the survey conducted by LIMRA, around 50% of life insurance buyers conduct their research online. NFA appeals to the Internet experts of the Americans allowing them to get a quote entirely through the World Wide Web if they wish.
How does the national family assurance application process work?
The questions are short and straightforward and relate to height, age, tobacco use and general location. Further investigations are of a personal nature, for example whether in the past five years applicants have been treated or prescribed medications for various diseases, such as cancer, chronic pain, diabetes or other medical conditions.
Filling out the questionnaire results in a recommended insurer, along with details of how much life insurance applicants should buy and an estimate of how much it will cost per month. Price transparency is something that consumers love online life insurance shopping, with 57% of respondents in a recent Life Happens study and LIMRA Insurance Barometer Study indicating the same.
It is important to note that shopping with quote is not the same as applying. It is designed to offer prospective policyholders an overview of what they can expect to spend. A more formal – slightly longer – step is the next step. Here too, the documents can be completed entirely online or can be managed by telephone by dialing the number 844-334-0566. Details on the applicants' social security, date of birth and health information are among the elements that need to be completed.
The available ways to save depend largely on the member insurer you are considering. Some of the most common discounts include grouping (i.e. the purchase of auto and life insurance), early renewal, non-smoking and healthy living. What qualifies as a healthy life can be subject to change and require confirmation through medical tests.

National family insurance
National Family Assurance offers consumers the opportunity to get more quotes from top rated insurers.

National life insurance policy options
Since NFA is a market, it does not subscribe to its policies, so the policy offerings are actually those of its affiliates. They include:

Term Life Insurance: Otherwise known as pure life insurance, term life is the most popular life insurance product on the market. It is also generally the most convenient, and implies that policyholders pay a fixed sum each year for the duration of its term, the longest usually 30 years.
Lifetime coverage: a guaranteed cash value policy, the whole life remains in effect forever, as long as premiums are paid. The death benefit is paid out at the time of the owner's death, which may be higher than its original dollar value due to dividends earned.
Universal life coverage: unlike the term, where premiums are fixed, universal life offers flexible rates that can be paid at the owner's discretion. They can spend more or less from year to year. This type also has a subsistence advantage which allows people to access the cash value for use as they prefer. However, drawing on it decreases the death benefit for end-of-life expenses.
Final Expense Cover: A variety of full-life insurance, final expense coverage pays for many of the costs that people may still have to pay before moving on, such as mortgage or medical payments. It also provides the necessary funding for the funeral and burial. In 2017, the average price for a funeral with all standard features (eg, vision, burial, ceremony, etc.) was $ 7,360, according to the National Funeral Directors Association.

National Knights of Life Insurance Family Insurance
A standard term life insurance policy – or any other type – may not have everything an individual needs to be fully covered. This is where cyclists serve their purpose, complementing existing plans to include something in addition to the basic components. Here are some offered through NFA affiliated insurers:

Disability Income Rider: If someone were to be seriously injured and lose their job, this product can pay certain expenses.
Insured Insured Knight: Age or some health problems can prevent some people from getting coverage. This is not a problem with this type of cyclist, who guarantees fitness for a future date.
Critical Illness Rider: Although insurers often have their own definition of what qualifies, knights of critical illness offer life benefits that they can pay for medical services that involve treating serious health problems.
Child Protection Rider: a lifelong add-on, these complement an existing policy and can cover the costs associated with the death of a child.
Spider Protection Rider: typically a life insurance policy, spouse protection riders are a death benefit that can pay for costs incurred due to the premature death of a spouse.
Long-term care knight: an appendix to a life insurance policy that can pay for health services related to chronic diseases or illnesses such as Alzheimer's.
Knight family income allowance: in case of death of the owner of a life insurance policy, the runner pays the beneficiaries the amount of the deceased's remuneration, for a period subject to the terms of the supplier.
Accidental Death Benefit Rider: an accompaniment to a current life insurance policy that triggers when the owner is killed because of him.

National family insurance
National Family Assurance offers consumers the opportunity to get more quotes from top rated insurers.

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